About Us

On business since 1984, EBS  Quick Coupling Corporate  is a Turkish leading company in the sector of manufacture and supply for Quick Connect Couplings to several industries.

ISO 9001:2015 certified company has diversified over 8500 products and the total production includes  80% standard products and 20% depends on the R & D facilities derived rom adjacent study with the customers..

Respecting our customers’ needs we keep in line with the continuous R/D  facilities and enhance product developments to a variety of consumers offering them an easy-use and time-saving solution upon their relatve PLASTIC MOULDS, WATER MULTI COUPLINGS, PNEUMATICS, WATER DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, HYDRO, GAS, VACUUM AND CHEMICALS needs..

Since 2007, we have well selling abroad markets and have  exported to 26 countries so far..

Our product is compatible with many major brands produced,and moreover we are capable producing customised products.

We’ve considered that you might have an  interest on our  high quality and competitive products;

– Automatic Air Couplings

– Automatic Hydraulic Couplings

– Automatic Water Couplings

– Hydraulic Manifolds

– Automatic Couplings for all types of Fluid

– Mould cooling equipments

– Automatic Couplings

– Accessories and Equipments

For further information, please visit our online catalog and  for all inquiry please contact us via export@ebs.com.tr